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PMO ResearchToday we’re at Project Challenge for the next two days. If you’re coming along it’ll be great to see you, come and have a seat on our lovely red sofa!

Not only are we on the stand talking about all things PMO – we’re also presenting on the second day.

We’re also launching a new piece of research which we hope you’ll take part in and share with your peers too.

It’s something we’ve been interesting in extending since we listened to the presentation at this year’s PMO Conference by Donnie MacNicol

It was “People Power – Increasing the Effectiveness of Your PMO through People” which focused on how the differences in people is reflected in how you sell, design and deliver the services of your PMO.

\\ You can watch that presentation from the conference here

It was a simple tool called iMA that conference goers completed before attending the session

\\ You can do the same thing here

The results were really insightful so we created the PMO Research Paper to highlight those results and what it means for people working in PMO

\\ You can download that here (or pick up a copy at Project Challenge)

So What Next?

We’re interested in finding out more about the people working in PMO and what the profile is like for the different types (as highlighted by the iMA tool)

Is there a certain profile of person working in different types of PMO?

What about their training levels – is there any difference in the type of person?

How about the maturity level of the PMO? Their gender? Age? Salary levels?


It’s a big ask because it’s two parts and it’s a biggish survey

Two of the research industries no-no’s.

But we know you’re passionate about PMO right? And you want to know this stuff too, right?

Here’s what we need you to do


PMO Research \\ Taking Part

We’re calling it Colouring the PMO – here’s the first step:

To take part in the further research into PMO practitioners and their communication and engagement styles, please complete the two part survey

1. iMA Colour

To take the initial assessment to understand which colour you are, please visit www.ima-pm.co.uk

In the organisation box choose “PMO”

It takes three minutes to complete.

2. Colouring the PMO

Make a note of your dominant colour, proceed to the second part of the research at http://tinyurl.com/pmoresearch

It takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.

We will be compiling the report later this year, so please consider sharing this page with your own PMO network for their contribution.



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