Want a PMO Flashmob near you?

If you would like to see PMO Flashmob in your local area, drop a pin and let us know.

When we see some love for a certain city or region, we’ll make it happen!

Let us know if you’re just looking to attend, or if you could host it too.

To find out more about what hosting a PMO Flashmob is all about [take a look]

Drop a PMO Pin In It

Get a PMO Flashmob Near You!

  • So we know who you are but no-one else does!
  • So we can contact you to invite you to a PMO Flashmob
  • Pick your alterego e.g., LovePMO
  • Would be fab to see what ideas you've got and what you would like to see the event focus on!


Is PMO Flashmob Coming to You?

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