Highly Visual Reporting (Sponsored Webinar)

When a PMO Flashmobber likes a product, what better way to let others know about it by scheduling a webinar. Many of you might know that Nicole has a passion for the tooling and technology side of PMO [you can check out her Mini-Masterclass here] She’s arranged this webinar session for the PMO Flashmobbers:

KivueWe’re hosting a webinar on how to wow your execs with highly visual, engaging information, through innovative tools like the virtual project room vBAR and Kivue Perform, the executive portfolio performance tracking platform. If you’ve ever struggled to get your exec team engaged in your projects, then this webinar will be for you!

Rupert Taylor, MD at Kivue and Pro4 Solutions, demonstrates how vBAR and Kivue Perform provide a simple, visual view of your projects that encourages execs to actively get involved.

Here’s the session and some notes below


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  1. Nicole Reilly

    BIG thanks to everyone who joined us live yesterday!

    Seems like a lot of interest in how to actually visualise data better, so I thought I’d share some of my go-to sources for inspiration:

    Anyone got any others to add?

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