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Last night’s 1st birthday party for the PMO Flashmob was certainly a little bit different from what we intended but hey, that’s life – no matter how much you plan it, you never really know until you turn up on the night.

We were trying out the PMO Ignite – see the previous post about it – and suddenly it turned into open mic night / Mock the Week!

For some of the braver PMO Flashmobbers amongst them – they got up, said their piece for a couple of minutes and then we moved onto the next one. The added bonus (or terror) was the fact we had a real standup comedian stage with mic. Here’s just a few of those that took part and the themes they went with.

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PMO Flashmob Open Mic

Kicking the open mic off. Lindsay talked about the lack of career path for PMO people.

OK it’s not totally fair that I pick one person’s go on the open mic but you’ve got to admit – he was pretty natural 🙂

As it was our first birthday we had to have cake too – great for us that APMG International gave us that – a cake sponsor!

So that was it – a new idea tried out at London’s premier PMO networking event and something we’ll try again in the future BUT as it is now our second year PMO Flashmobbing we’ll be trying something new again next month so come back and visit us soon to find out when, where and what we’re up to!

About Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob and a Director at PMO Learning - the sister company to PMO Flashmob and the best training company for PMO people in the world! She's also the creator of London's first dedicated PMO Conference; Director of Arras People and PMO enthusiast. Loves dogs and gin.

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