Top Ten Trends in PMO for 2020

It’s that time of year again when we take a look into the possibilities and opportunities in the PMO world this year. We’ve been doing these articles for a couple of years and we don’t tend to be too far out. Take last years for example:

Here are last year’s trends (the full article can be found here):

  1. Project data analytics really cannot be ignored and 2019 is the year where we start to learn what it is all about and how the PMO can utilise it.
  2. Making the case for automation – machine learning, AI and robotic process automation need to be understood before the PMO works out how to embrace it.
  3. More coaching skills needed – Agile has driven the need, facilitation and using coaching approaches helps PMO practitioners to beef up their behavioural skills.
  4. PMO Competency Framework and Assessments will be talked about a lot!
  5. Storytelling and the visualisation of data – learning analytics paves the way for improving the articulation of insights.
  6. Creating PMO principles for your PMO – using them to navigate unchartered waters and providing a strong ethical and moral foundation.
  7. Digital PMO – ready to work in a digital environment and applying digital ways of working to the PMO itself. Embracing a multitude of delivery approaches.
  8. Metrics and measures for the PMO – understanding how the PMO knows it has been successful and delivering what the business needs.
  9. Pastoral care to meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and development needs of PMO staff and the wider organisation.
  10. Utilising PMO skills but not in a PMO role – new positions continue being created without the PMO label.


We’ve certainly seen and got involved with a lot of the project data analytics stuff in 2019 and it was a year of starting to understanding the basics and unravel some of the terms and meanings around analytics. Same goes for the automation, there’s not been many PMOs using automation in the workplace but the curiosity is there. There were pockets of coaching related activity and good to see informal coaching happening between people who have met through PMO Flashmob too. We didn’t make as much progress on the competency framework as we would have liked but check out 2020! Data storytelling was covered again at the PMO Conference and we’ve also touched on data visualisation too. You told us that data visualisation has been one of the main focus areas for the PMO during 2019. It’s been great to hear people talking about their PMO principles; the pastoral care activities and on the flip-side, the metrics and measures report kickstarted discussion and new ideas.

So what will 2020 bring? We’ve pulled together our top ten based on all the knowledge being shared from PMO conferences; PMO Flashmobs, webinars, blogger comment; virtual meetups and little pockets of conversation here and there. Here’s what we have:

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