Top Ten Trends in PMO for 2018

It’s that time of year again when we take a look into the possibilities of PMO land next year. We’ve been doing these articles for a couple of years and we don’t tend to be too far out. Take last year’s for example:

Here are last year’s trends (the full article can be found here):

  1. A clearer distinction needed between the PMO Manager and PMO Lead roles.
  2. Looking to other business frameworks, methods, processes and tools that can help the PMO solve problems.
  3. Moving the Agile conversation on the “Agile PMO” into real, practical activity.
  4. More focus on development and learning for PMO.
  5. Unpicking the value debate – understanding what the real issues are.
  6. Changing the PMO language.
  7. Understanding strategy in your business – including formulation.
  8. Change is our business so we need to understand the principles of change management.
  9. Using the right people for the job.
  10. Making small changes that have a real impact.


We’ve certainly started making headways on the Agile PMO stuff; had sessions and insights on the whole value debate; heard a lot about strategy and seen how some PMOs are using change management effectively (the PMO of the Year winners did a great job with this). We’ve also started focusing more on development and learning in a more formal way with the new sister company, PMO Learning, which sees the new AIPMO certification for PMO hit the UK shores in 2018.

So what about next year, is it just more of the same?

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