The Realities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the PMO

Too many PMOs are held back from fulfilling their potential by getting bogged down with labour-intensive processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence tool providers make bold claims about their ability to tackle the issue but are seen as expensive to implement, maintain and operate.

In this session, John cuts through some of the hype surrounding AI and RPA and offers practical, real-world examples of how RPA technology can be used by PMOs to accelerate processes, increase accuracy, and allow PMO analysts to spend more time on actual analysis.

In this insightful, from-the-coal-face perspective, John creates a compelling case for the adoption of RPA in the PMO space and explains why PMOs are uniquely positioned to trigger an automation evolution that extends beyond reporting and governance and extends across the entire organization.

Can adopting RPA increase the efficiency of your PMO? Can AI identify new ‘lead indicator’ KPIs for your portfolio? What improvements can your PMO drive in the projects space, and across the business as a whole?

Ready to find out more about it – the realities?

Three Takeaways

It’s always great to hear from people who are passionate about PMO and John’s session really showed that.

It’s a subject that many of us might shy away from thinking it’s too complicated or it costs too much.

That’s the first takeaway:

  1. RPA in the PMO is not as expensive or as complicated as you might think.

Where on earth do you get started with something like this? That’s the second takeaway:

2. You just need to be curious and play around with it, and you can get started for free.

The question came up, is this the job of the PMO, to bring in this kind of functionality into the business? That’s the third takeaway:

3. Does it matter who does it if the benefits are realised throughout the business? It helps if there are multiple business cases from different parts of the business wanting to press ahead with RPA – the PMO can be one part of a whole!

These are just my takeaways from the evening session. There’s loads – including the ability to see in front of your own eyes in the demo just how useful RPA is going to be for the PMO.

Will RPA be the next Agile? You know, senior executives invited to briefings that showcase RPA, just like they did Agile. Senior executives come back into the business and want to know how to make this Agile thing work. The PMO was caught on the hop with Agile, we need to make sure it doesn’t happen with RPA, or indeed any AI related technologies.

Enjoy the video session, it’s an eye-opener!

The Video Session

The Presentation

PMO Flashmob - Robotic Process Automation

[You can download the presentation John used here]

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PMO Flashmob – The Realities of RPA in the PMO

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