The PMO Principles

The PMO PrinciplesLast week was Project Challenge. We love doing this show for a number of reasons – mainly it’s about meeting PMO practitioners and finding out what they’re up to and telling them about what we’re doing at PMO Flashmob.

At this Autumn’s show we were able to share details about a new booklet that Eileen Roden has been working on as part of a new sister company to PMO Flashmob. It’s called PMO Learning and it will be offering PMO courses and training. More about that later.

The new booklet has been created in conjunction with the Association for International PMOs (AIPMO) and leading experts in the field.

The session we ran at Project Challenge was all about the PMO Principles. Here’s the overview:

We recognise that all PMOs are different – tailored to the businesses they support. However, are there some underlying principles that should underpin any PMO? We believe there are, seven in fact. PMO Flashmob have been working closely with AIPMO to pull together empirical research, validated by practitioners to identify principles that apply to any/every type of PMO – temporary, permanent, project, programme or portfolio/ enterprise level.

This presentation will take you through the seven principles, what they mean in practice – recognising the challenges to embedding them but looking at the benefits that can be achieved when they are.


The PMO Principles were available in a handy overview at the show – here’s a copy of that

The PMO Principles

The Presentation

And here is the copy of the presentation from the session


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