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13th Sept – The PMO as a Facilitator – Manchester

The PMO as a Facilitator is coming to Manchester on the 13th Sept. This Mini-Masterclass event is focused on facilitation skills – a skill every PMO professional should have. In this session we specifically focus on the planning side of facilitation.

Whats it all about?

The planning is an incredibly important part of facilitation, as that’s where the thinking has to go into exactly how we will achieve the outcomes of the task. How to break a task down into sub-tasks; decide what processes/techniques are to be used for each step; how to split the groups to make it effective, and take into account the nature of the task in terms of the level of uncertainty, who will be involved and the time available.

Not enough time and thought is put into planning a session, so if we, as PMO professionals can be disciplined about doing this, it can make a huge difference in getting more successful outcomes from sessions, and better results for the project teams.

Ranjit Sidhu leads the session and introduced a high-level framework which she uses as part of the Facilitation Skills course which she regularly delivers.

Take aways

  • An understanding of how people and processes work together through the Iceberg Model. which helps us when planning a facilitated session.
  • The ability to minimise the potential to go off track when planning a facilitated session so we can focus on getting the objective, task and process right.
  • Understanding different agenda processes and decision making implementation tools.

During the evening you will also have a go at using what you have learned to practice planning your own facilitated session.

Where and When does it take place?

The event takes place at the BBC at Quay House in Media City (Salford Quays) at 18:00 and as mentioned above the date of the session is on Thursday 13th September.

Tickets are £15 and if you would like to book then please follow the link below:

Book your place now!


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