The PMO as a Delivery Partner \\ 23rd November in London

The next PMO Mini-Masterclass takes place on Thursday 23rd November in the City of London from 6pm.

“The PMO is a high-value and critical service in change execution”. That statement seems obvious, and true, to mature PMO practitioners but is in fact a highly contentious issue – not all PMOs are created equal – and many stakeholders feel that they don’t see its value.

The reasons for this can be traced back to the early origins of the PMO – where it had a highly administrative element to its operation – and it was not unusual for teas, coffees, timesheet completion and other low-value tasks to orbit around that PMO acronym we know and love.

The first issue, if we jump to the current day, is that we still see the ‘secretarial’ aspects of the PMO brand somewhere near the front of senior stakeholders minds – and, secondly, there is clear blue water between the high-end, ‘intelligent’ PMO functions we see operating in complex, intense environments and the low-end, aggregator PMO functions which have limited impact on the success of projects and programmes – and yet they share the same name.

Today we’d like to concentrate on the success stories of the PMO and what lessons can we learn to increase PMO capability across the board – from Portfolio to Project.

To facilitate this session we have a senior leader from PwC’s Portfolio & Programme Management (PPM) practice leading a presentation and interactive session on the ‘value of the PMO as Delivery Partners’ with a focus on transforming PMOs from passive, administrative functions to independent business partners, actively involved in the delivery of their programmes.

The session takes place at Liberty Specialty Markets at 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 3AW on Thursday 23rd November.

In this session PwC will walk through the four areas which form a good foundation for a Delivery Partner model for the PMO. We will hear about how a PMO can:

1/ Improve the alignment of strategy and execution

2/ Increase the speed and clarity of decision-making

3/ Provide and assure the control environment wrapped around delivery

4/ Identify and exploit synergies and optimise delivery against resource constraints


We’re delighted to have Liberty Speciality Markets supporting PMO Flashmob with the PMO team hosting us at 20 Fenchurch Street – otherwise known as that iconic building, the Walkie Talkie building.

Takes place Thursday 23rd November in the City of London from 6pm. Main session starts at 6.30pm until 8pm. Networking continues afterwards.

Tickets cost £36

Book early to avoid disappointment:




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