The Benefits Landscape

Last week was the Benefits Management night over at Direct Line in Leeds. It was a stonker of a night and we’ve still not got the full video session done yet.

Here’s a taster of what’s to come, the scene-setting for the night where PMO Flashmobbers were not only listening to a great session but also getting involved in a really practical session that you can use with anyone in the organisation.

So what are benefits? Here’s Claire kicking off with the benefits landscape:

And here’s my little take on it – if you’re interested I’m using an app on the iPad called Vittle Pro, quite nifty:




We also had a brilliant ice-breaker that went down well too.

It was called Vitamin C – because ultimately the success of projects and change comes down to these four.

We were asked to pair up and to share an insight where one of these four C’s had figured in your work in the last month.

For example; competence might mean learning a new skill; confidence might be coming along to PMO Flashmob for the first time….

It works really well and you could consider it during your PMO meeting – or even as an ice-breaker in a retrospective type session.

Watch out for the full session from next week!

A Bit More About Claire

No one was more surprised than Claire when her background in experimental economics actually turned out to be useful.

Claire’s enthusiastic delivery and deep knowledge of her subject makes her an ideal presenter and seminar leader specialising in benefits realisation and change.

An accomplished public speaker, Claire has presented at conferences, seminars and workshops and she is a guest lecturer at Leeds University. She contributed to the Managing Benefits™ textbook, leads on Benefits and Value Thought Leadership for the Association for Project Management and is co-author of government benefits realisation training courses, an expertise she has now taken global through her new company, Transformists Ltd.

A benefits evangelist, she travels the world, helping organisations beat the trend for only 30% of projects to succeed, infecting them with her passion for benefits-led change.

Connect with Claire via Twitter at: @ClaireDellar or via Linked

About Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob and a Director at PMO Learning - the sister company to PMO Flashmob and the best training company for PMO people in the world! She's also the creator of London's first dedicated PMO Conference; Director of Arras People and PMO enthusiast. Loves dogs and gin.

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  1. Love the intro and mind map, that is indeed a nifty little tool for iPad. Looking forward to seeing the full session………

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