The Agile PMO – September 2016

agile-pmo-edinburghAccess the video presentation from The PMO Mini-Masterclass on The Agile PMO which took place in September 2016.

This video is 1 hour 14 minutes long and is an excellent inside into how a PMO really supports Agile projects in an organisation.

The session was carried out at Standard Life in Edinburgh, with lead trainer and Programme Manager, Jude Paterson.
Access costs just £10, the same price as our social meetups.

2016-09-16-09-33-32About the PMO Mini-Masterclass – The Agile PMO

The second PMO Mini-Masterclass in Scotland took place in September 2016.

The aim of the session was:

  • What Agile means to PMO practitioners and the organisations they work in
  • What kind of Agile are we talking about?
  • What Agile approaches and techniques work well?
  • How and what you, the PMO can do to support Agile in your organisation.


The Mini-Masterclass includes access to the video of the presentation and the presentation slides.

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