Stand Up for PMO

Join PMO Flashmob for a full day event packed full of practical takeaways for you and your PMO

Stand Up for PMO takes place in Manchester on the 21st November 2018 at the iconic Comedy Store. PMO Flashmob’s Stand Up for PMO is a unique blend of learning; interactive sessions and collaborative peer networking bringing a fresh take on the idea of a conference. It’s the PMO Unconference.

This low cost – high practical value event focuses on the core PMO Lifecycle and includes innovative stand up sessions on:

  • Setting Up a PMO
  • Running and Working Within a PMO
  • Shutting Down a PMO
  • Evolving and Energising a PMO

Each session is delivered in a unique way, designed to inform and inspire.

It’s all about learning from each other and taking an active part in shaping the event so you get the most out of it.

It’s for those passionate about PMO, looking for PMO conversations; learning new PMO insights and meeting new PMO friends.

We’ll be covering all those PMO challenge areas that we deal with every day, giving you a fresh perspective and a whole stack of practical ideas to take back with you into the office.

Stand Up for PMO


When and Where?

It takes place on Wednesday 21st November in the centre of Manchester at the home of stand up – the Comedy Store.

We kick off at 10am, the event finishes at 5pm, with PMO Flashmob drinks at the bar on us!

What We’re Covering

Stand Up for PMO

Why You Should?

  • Learn about new PMO insights.
  • Get a fresh perspective on those day-to-day challenges.
  • Meet others from across the UK – over 150 people like you!
  • Get your team out for the day – a great bonding session.
  • Get involved yourself – try out the Stand Up and 5 minute – Lightning sessions.
  • A few laughs along the way with the serious subject of PMO at the heart.
  • Experience a different approach to PMO knowledge sharing.
  • Drive the agenda with the PMO Unconference – pick the topics you like with Deal or No Deal
  • Real practical take aways that you can use in your day-to-day role.

How Much?

Bring a team of 4 or more, you’ll get them at £100 each.

Full price tickets are £199 [Ticket booking]

Are you a POO or POT? Check out the offers just for you [POO] [POT]

PMO Flashmob Presents

PMO Flashmob, now in its fifth year, is all about bringing together PMO people who are passionate about PMO. Stand Up for PMO is about sharing great PMO content which generates conversations and problem solving. We’re standing up for PMO and hope you’ll join us in Manchester later this year and stand up too.

Want to Take Part?

We’re looking for PMO practitioners who also want to share their own insights throughout the day – Stand Up slots are available plus shorter Just a Minute segments are a brilliant way to get involved in the event.

Let us know when you book your ticket!



Stand Up for PMO







Bringing a team of 4 or more, you’ll get them at £100 each.

Full price tickets are £199

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