Rocks, pebbles and sand

Last night the first ever pmoflashmob took place in Central London. At R. S Hispaniola, with the waves gently lapping against the boat, the mob descended for a few hours of PMO chit-chat. As you can imagine, trying to piece together a little article to give a flavour of the evening is going to be tough – there were simply loads of things discussed.

I particularly enjoyed a rocks, pebbles, stones approach to working out how many projects an organisations has on the go at anyone time. You know the situation, the PMO has been asked to give top brass a view of how many projects they have, what the resource plan looks like etc. It generally happens when the PMO is a new entity to the organisation – created because no-one has a clue what’s going on. The rocks are the big and beautiful projects – the ones everyone knows about, the pebbles tend to be lower value but smaller changes or less risky projects and the sand? They’re the ones that really shouldn’t be called a project at all – they’re small activities or tasks that someone just called a project.

We also chatted about agile PMO – for quite a while as you can probably imagine everyone has a view on this. How does a PMO support agile projects in their organisations? What activities do they perform that are different to traditional waterfall projects? There was loads to chew over – and if you’re interested in some of the outcomes I guess you need to be at the next one 🙂

If you’re interested in chatting about PMOs with other likeminded folk in a social setting, keep the 20th June free in your diary and check back for more details soon.

And thanks for the guys who showed up last night, we appreciate it!

Had good night last night. It was nice to meet you and it was a good bunch of guys. It was a pleasure to meet some people who take so much pride in the PMO capability and how dynamic it can be if the right people get involved with the right kind of attitude. Look forward to the next catch up.



Thoroughly enjoyed last night – thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences, I learnt a lot.


It was good to meet like-minded PMO professionals in a relaxing atmosphere sharing experiences and learning in the process. I am up for the next opportunity to meet again in June. In the meantime, please continue to do what you can to help raise the profile of the PMO.


R S Hispaniola


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