Project:Hack – 12th – 13th October \ London

It’s the fourth Project:Hack event coming up in October and PMO Flashmob are there sponsoring the bar again!

It takes place on the 12th & 13th October in London at Microsoft.

We’re looking for PMO Flashmobbers to join us for the weekend to get involved in the Project Data Analytics hack event to help us learn together as a small enclave for the weekend!

We wrote about the [Project:Hack here] and if you’re interested in how the PMO can utilise data science in the future we urge you to come along.

Here’s the blurb about the event:

Would you like to help to shape how projects are delivered in the future? You’ll have an opportunity to work with others who share this vision and passion.

Data science will transform how projects are delivered, saving billions for society, improving certainty in outcomes and changing the face of the project management profession forever. Project:Hack aims to:

  • Explore methods and tools to transform how insights and value can be extracted from project data. Ranging from risk and schedule data through to on-site presence of personnel.
  • Enable delivery professionals to understand the predisposition of projects to specific challenges, to predict them arising and take action to avoid the avoidable.
  • Ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery.

We Need More PMO People to Get Involved

We want to work closely with data scientists and analysts to understand more about the methods, tools and processes work. We don’t necessarily want to learn how to use them ourselves, we want to know more about how data is cleaned up, analysed and how insights are extracted.

As a group of PMO people on the day; we want to work together on our own project that will see the data analysts and PMO come together to see how reporting, insights and ultimately how better decision-making can happen as a result of data analytics in our project delivery organisations.

Here’s some more blurb on how it works:

Let’s get started!

The day will start by introducing the challenges and the data sets. You’ll then have the opportunity to pitch your idea to the crowd to invite team members, or join a team whose idea you want to work on. You’ll then spend two days developing the concepts, interrogating the data, building proof of concepts and delivering a solid pitch to support it. Finally, you’ll get the opportunity to present to industry experts who will judge your proposal. Not only will you have the kudos associated with shaping the future of project management, but we also hope to be able to award prizes too.

Happy to support you!

There will be on-ground support. Data scientists, PowerBI experts and subject matter experts will help you with technical queries and mentors will guide you towards the perfect pitch.

It promises to be a great couple of days will be had with food, drinks, ideas and bucket loads of fun. The only requirement is to come with a lot of bright ideas and enthusiasm!

So PMO Flashmobbers, do you want to join our team and have a great weekend of learning??

Make your place booking:

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