Project Management Recruitment Realities in a COVID-19 World

Throughout the lockdown period on our Wednesday afternoon #PMOwfh sessions we have been hearing about PMO practitioner’s situations – some furloughed; some with contracts cancelled; others working at home and some securing new roles.

In the early days I think most of us would agree that there wasn’t any clear picture about what was happening or what to expect in terms of our futures.

Last week we had a session with John Thorpe of Arras Peeople – the Project Management Recruitment Specialists – and he gave us a great overview of what’s happened to the marketplace and what we can expect going forward.

In this latest recording you’ll see the session from John plus our poll; a short sessions on different modes of working as a PMO practitioner and there’s some specific insights into PMO recruitment too.

The Video Session

The Deck

Recruitment Realities

Different Ways to Be Employed

In the session (21:44 in the video) we take a look at the different ways PMO practitioners can be making a living.

PMO Recruitment Overview

And some specific  advice to PMO practitioners can also be found (32:24) in the recording.

PMO Interview Questions

We asked in the breakout session for PMO Flashmobbers to share their interview questions – why not have a practice yourself on how you would answer them:

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