Project Data Analytics – Hype or Reality? \ London – 21st March

When we were looking at the PMO Trends for 2019, this subject was top of the list. There’s a very strong reason for that. Here’s what I wrote:

“If you’re anything like me you’ll be fascinated by all the talk about project data analytics and what can be achieved with data science. You’re probably feeling slightly overwhelmed with it all too – data models; analysis, visualisation – gosh where to start?! 2019 is about starting that journey to understanding, dabbling, even a bit more than that if your organisation is already on that road.”

The March PMO Flashmob session is all about starting on that road to understanding with Project Data Analytics – Hype or Reality?

The session takes place after Project Challenge so we recommend getting down there for the day (or part of it) and then coming along to the PMO Flashmob in the evening. We’re just across the road at:

The Hand & Flower
1 Hammersmith Rd,
London W14 8XJ

The session starts at 6pm, main session starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 8pm. We’ll carry on chatting and networking afterwards at the venue.

Project Data Analytics


The session will be presented by Martin Paver. Many of you may know the name from the Project Data Analytics Meetup that has been happening in London recently. We’re also supporting the Project:Hack event that Martin is running too.

Here’s what you can expect on the night:

Project Data Analytics. Hype or Reality?

In this PMO Flashmob we’ll explore the vision for a possible future, drawing parallels with other industries and professions.

We’ll delve into recent developments within project data analytics and the impact this is beginning to have.

We’ll then explore some of the practical implementation obstacles which will ultimately influence whether it is hype or reality.

We’ll also draw on the PMO Flashmobber’s own experiences and provide answers to the burning questions you have right now around project data analytics.

Join us at PMO Flashmob as we start the journey to understanding more about Project Data Analytics.


The session costs £30+VAT – includes bar snacks

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