Practical Steps for Getting into Project Co-ordination

I held a careers coaching session the other day for someone looking to get into a project co-ordination role for the first time. I’m conscious that a lot of the PMO Flashmob topics and themes at events might not be newbie friendly and perhaps we should look into doing something like this in the future.

What made me write this article was that some of the things that came up in the career session would be beneficial for other people too. You might be reading this as an experienced PMO practitioner, in which case, great! Make sure you add any other tips to the comments at the bottom – plus also point any newbies you meet to this article so you can help them out too.

So this article is for someone looking to get into project co-ordination for the first time. It assumes two things; they’ve got some experience working within an office or business environment of some sort already. Not project related, just any office experience. Two; this is about getting into supporting a project for the first time, not a PMO role (that will come later)

I’m also going to share some resources to other places too.

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