Portfolio Prioritisation – September 2016

Scorecard-EventAccess the video presentation from The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Portfolio Prioritisation which took place in September 2016.

This video is 1 hour 6 minutes long and is an excellent inside into how a Portfolio PMO uses scorecards to help prioritise projects in a portfolio.

The session was carried out at Carnival UK in Southampton with two of their leading PMO professionals.
Access costs just £10, the same price as our social meetups.

2016-09-21-00-53-15About the PMO Mini-Masterclass – Portfolio Prioritisation

The first PMO Mini-Masterclass in the south of England took place in September 2016.

The aim of the session was:

In portfolio management and the Portfolio PMO there is a focus on doing the right projects and programmes inline with the organisation’s strategy. When it comes to initiatives, the Portfolio PMO has a role to play in supporting an organisation’s prioritisation of them.

So how far ahead does your Portfolio PMO do this? A year out, two, three? More?

Unfortunately we all recognise that businesses don’t tend to think that far ahead about the what or how, outcomes or problems which they are trying to solve and end benefits.

Does your Portfolio PMO struggle with this? Is prioritising initiatives just a catchy heading with nothing of substance behind it?

Do you also have the problem of marrying together the financial planning process of the business who are mainly concerned with the numbers whilst your PMO are trying to focus on the delivery AND the numbers?



The Mini-Masterclass includes access to the video of the presentation and the presentation slides.

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