PMO Retrospective 2019

Can you remember when 2020 was way off in the future – at 10 years old I was convinced we would be wearing lots of silver and the ZX Spectrum would be a distant memory!

So here we are, nearly 2020, but before that, we wanted to bring a final webinar to you before we get there.

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at 2019. It’s like all the magazines and supplements do at this time of year – a retrospective news review, take a whistlestop tour of what happened and what we learnt.

You can download the Webinar presentation here:

2019 Resources:

The Role of an Effective PMO in Successful Project and Programme Delivery

PMO Learning’s Eileen Roden presented a session at the British Computer Society (BCS) The Chartered Institute of IT’s offices in Covent Garden, London. We’ve added this session to the PMO Flashmob website because we think you might like the content. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Really Learning Lessons

Do we really learn lessons from our projects? It’s an area of project management that brings much eye-rolling yet the basic premise of Lessons Learnt is something that we all agree is – if done well, will really make a difference to the successful project rate as well as improving performance (and morale) of people working on projects. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Inside PMO: KPIs, Metrics and Measures – The Session

Over at Project Challenge we presented on the latest report from PMO Flashmob, “Inside PMO: KPIs, Metrics and Measures”. [The report is available to download here]

In this session we looked at a few of the report’s findings. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Agile Frameworks: Implications for the PMO

All scaling frameworks share some common patterns: Scrum at the team level, many teams sharing the same backlog, planning done collaboratively across teams, and the general principles of pull, self-organisation and continuous improvement.

What are the differences between the main Agile at Scale frameworks; SAFe, Scrum@Scale, Large Scale Scrum, GDS, and so on. How does a PMO know it is using the right framework? Find Out What Happened Here >>>



We had the first PMO Lab at the April PMO Flashmob held at Parliament UK. The PMO Lab is all about getting deeper into the themes that are explored in the Inside PMO Reports. It’s an opportunity for the community to learn from each other too. Find Out What Happened Here >>>



Project Hack

Martin Paver and the team at Project Data Analytics Meetup have been brilliant at helping us understand – inviting us in and allowing us to ask daft questions until we can start to make sense of it. Some of the things we’ve seen really is mind-blowing. Find Out What Happened Here >>>



Project Data Analytics and the PMO

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be fascinated by all the talk about project data analytics and what can be achieved with data science. You’re probably feeling slightly overwhelmed with it all too – data models; analysis, visualisation – gosh where to start?! Find Out What Happened Here >>>


PMO Conference

The PMO Conference is curated and designed for you, the PMO practitioner. Focused on portfolio, programme and project offices, this one day conference is all about learning more about your chosen profession.

From a full programme of PMO expert speakers, a dedicated PMO exhibition full of PMO products and services and time to network with new PMO contacts or reconnect with friends and ex-colleagues, the day is 100% PMO focused. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Cyril Bot

If you’ve been keeping up with us here at PMO Learning, you’ll know that we’ve been following the growing trend in project data analytics and automation for the last couple of years. After getting involved in the data analytics community and meeting tons of innovative people while sponsoring Project:Hack, we’ve teamed up with Projecting Success again to begin our own RPA project. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Setting Up a PMO

A couple of weeks ago, PMO Learning launched our brand new pilot course – Setting Up a Project Management Office.

The P3O course provides a high level on setting up a PMO but doesn’t go into details on what to do and how to do it. The PPSO ones don’t cover setting up a PMO at all, and the AIPMO Practitioner course focuses more on providing best practice for an already established PMO. Find Out What Happened Here >>>


Two By Two – The PMO Matrices

This PMO Flashmob was a diamond – a real old skool PMO Flashmob night where there was lots of chat, debate, a few laughs, some brilliant thinking and ideas literally zinging around the room.

We were back at Ticketmaster’s bar and this time we were experimenting with 2×2 matrices/matrix. Find Out What Happened Here >>>

Data Storytelling is Influencing

In this session, we were joined by Lori Silverman. Lori has become a great friend of PMO Flashmob after keynoting at the PMO Conference back in 2018.

This PMO Flashmob was slightly different because we were in a cinema setting so decided to go for more of a ‘conversation with…’ which allowed us to get into a number of different areas. Find Out What Happened Here >>>

Flashmob in 2020

PMO Flashmob will be back for another great year in 2020, with our first few events already scheduled in January. You can follow what’s coming up here>>>

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