The PMO Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s Christmas, so we thought why not talk about PMO Nightmares when we are all full of festive cheer!?

PMO Nightmares Before Christmas

I went along to a workshop earlier this month called “The Project from Hell”, it was a good afternoon looking at what makes projects hellish (not out and out failures but those challenges that can threaten a project to derail). We also went through a case study of a project from hell, which was great fun (and just a little bit stressful!). Find out more about it here.

It got me thinking, what about hellish PMOs or some of the hellish things that PMOs have to work through? We know we all like to have a little gripe about some of the work we do so how about seeing if there are common gripes? And more importantly, what do other PMO people do to overcome them?

In this evening’s event, we’ll be chatting in the pub. There’s no booking fee, it’s free. It’s Christmas!

This month, the group is meeting at:
The Liberty Bounds
15 Trinity Square
Tower Hill,
Tower of London

> Link to The Liberty Bounds

It starts from 6pm.


PMO Nightmares

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