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Last night’s PMO Flashmob took place in a little place that wouldn’t look out of place in a Dickens novel. The Samuel Pepys bar on Stew Lane looks out across the Thames to the Tate Modern, certainly a photogenic spot! So against a true London backdrop PMO professionals from across the capital came together over a pint or two to chat about their worldSome of the themes for the evening included reinvention, skills and competencies, job hunting and career values. Here’s just a flavour of the conversations, I can’t hope to capture the whole thing but it should give you a feel of the type of conversations that happen.


We got chatting about those tube stations that don’t exist anymore (yes we worked out that actually some of are quite geeky in that respect, see the book Do Not Alight Here) which led us to talk about some of the PMO things that have disappeared over the years only to either pop up again years later in the same format or take on another guise. We were talking about balanced scorecards – which for some PMOs has fallen out of favour only to be replaced by KPIs. Same thing?

Skills and competencies

This is a theme that actually comes up a lot at PMO Flashmob. It’s normally because some of the PMO people who are there are trying to create some kind of skills framework for their PMO teams or they’re interested because of their own careers. I think there’s not much out there in terms of research or previous whitepapers and there’s definitely no existing competency framework for PMO at the moment. I think this should be looked at in more detail and it’ll form the basis of the next PMO Flashmob in November. Find out more about it here.

Job hunting

It stands to reason that this subject is going to come up at some point in the evening, after all networking is a great way to make contacts who will probably be helpful in that department at some point in the future. There seems to be a lot of interest in contracting at the moment as well as making sure a CV is doing the right thing-getting interest! We also chatted about elevator pitches concluding that it something many of us need to be aware of and practice is needed!

Career values

This was an interesting chat, if you could work anywhere, with salary and compensation being right, where would you work? It started out being a conversation about companies or sectors to work in but actually it was really about what values you appreciate the most. Part of this discussion is about self awareness I think, having thought about what values mean the most to you and your career. Is it the ability to earn mega bucks or is it about the kinds of projects and what they are ultimately delivering? Is it about ethics or work/life balance?

So these are just a few of the conversations I had last night, some of the people who attended would have had a completely different night. What we have in common is we want to get out there and interact with others that work within the same field as ourselves, and an evening down the pub has always proved to be a good way to go about it

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