PMO Managers Lunch

The PMO Manager’s Lunch takes place annually – and brings together 12 PMO Managers, talking over lunch about a particular PMO topic.

This is event leads to the production of an Inside PMO report, which brings the insights from the lunch to a wider audience.

This event is free to attend, some PMO Managers are invited to attend, others are allocated based on their experiences to date in the subject matter for the lunch.

The Next PMO Manager’s Lunch

The next PMO Manager’s Lunch takes place on Friday 17th November in London between 12 noon and 3.30pm

The theme for the lunch is Agile PMO

We’re interested in exploring a number of different aspects around Agile and PMOs.

  • What PMOs are doing to support Agile programmes and projects within their organisation
  • Exploring what the ‘Agile’ or ‘Lean’ PMO looks like – and what skills and capabilities are needed for the services that type of PMO may offer.
  • Understanding how PMOs have adapted or changed to support digital or rapid development projects.


If you are interested in attending the lunch, please spend a couple of minutes letting us know what you can contribute around the Agile PMO theme and help us to produce the new Inside PMO:


Inside PMO Report