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We had the first PMO Lab at the April PMO Flashmob held at Parliament UK. The PMO Lab is all about getting deeper into the themes that are explored in the Inside PMO Reports. It’s an opportunity for the community to learn from each other too. Over the next week we’ll be sharing the lab results from the session in a series of posts.

The sessions were about exploring PMO KPIs, Metrics and Measures. It wasn’t about coming up with a load of different measures and metrics, it was more about exploring themes around that – perhaps there are different ways of thinking about this – or maybe people have some models or processes to share. We didn’t know what we would come up with.

At the session there were different lab benches with different areas of related subjects being looked at, prodded and poked to see what came out.

Donning the white coat, we looked at Continuous Improvement.

Here’s Ken Burrell giving us a run-through of what they learnt:

My table focussed on “Continuous Improvement in PMO” (and the metrics and measures around that) and the discussion was prompted by the following questions:

  1. When we talk about continuous improvement in the PMO – what do we mean?
    • Improvement in the PMO services (in which case how do we know what we are doing is an improvement?)
    • Improvement in the project results?
    • Improvement in the Business results?
  2. What is the impact of perspective (portfolio board vs sponsor)?
  3. Does it help to know where the improvements come from (e.g. Suggestions box, training, LL)?
  4. Does it help to measure SLAs?
  5. Where does the data come from?
  6. What if there is no data currently?
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