PMO Flashmob Goes Online

We normally meetup in person – in a pub, in an office – so why not try going online and doing it virtually?

So we did, and here we share highlights from those sessions.


It takes place between 6.30pm – 8pm UK time  and we’ll do them randomly! Check out the front page of the website for the next one.

Here’s the preview to give you a taste (3 minutes) – logon for the rest 🙂

August 2018

We’ll just be sharing highlights from the session from now on – in this one we talked abot setting up a PMO; behavioural skills and the letter ‘P’. During the session we also talked about PMO staff development (and other stuff we don’t really want to share online!)

July 2018

In this session we chatted about PMO and service delivery; metrics and measures; profiling PMO team members; objectives (OKR), AI Automation and machine learning (sentiments analysis!!); VUCA, DANCE, art and science; principles and supporting digital projects (it’s about mindset not methodology!)