PMO Flashmob Becomes Part of House of PMO

How many PMO professionals are there in the world?

PMI reckons there are 16.5 million project managers in the world – not counting programme managers or portfolio managers. If we were so bold to say there is one PMO professional for every Project Manager (they should be so lucky!) that gives us some idea.

Even if we’re being very conservative, say 10% of that, 1.65 million PMO professionals. That’s over a million people working today in PMO, in a profession that doesn’t exist in its own right.

Sure, we’re part of the bigger picture of project management but I think we can all agree, the work of a PMO professional extends further than projects – further than programmes and portfolios. It’s the role it provides in supporting an organisation’s change efforts and all that might entail that makes it special.

We have an ambition, to provide a home for PMO professionals.

House of PMO is launchedPMO Flashmob Makes a Change

PMO Flashmob has been around since 2013, since that time we’ve worked to bring people together who work in PMO – provide some networking and relationship building time which over the years has been great to see bonds being forged, friendships being made.

We’ve also tried to bring learning to the group – in different forms like down the pub, getting on stage at the Comedy Club, in offices up and down the UK – we even made it to San Francisco a few years ago. We think we’ve done a decent job of getting people talking about new and existing themes in PMO.

We also thought it would be good to create some reports on areas that we know you sometimes struggle with – like portfolio management, resource management, Agile and measures. We know that you love to hear how other PMO professionals going about solving their challenges so those reports give you the insights.

Recently, and imminently, you’ve put your backs into creating the PMO Competency Framework.

During this three year slog, something switched in our heads.

Time to Get Serious?

We really need something a little bit more formal, we have some serious works on our hands and sometimes people think something called PMO Flashmob is just too informal, not serious enough, something not to be reckoned with.

House of PMOThis week we launched House of PMO. A new home for PMO Flashmob and lots more besides.

PMO Flashmob will still exist, still have that unique sense of community, making people feel welcomed. It will continue to be the social and networking side of a bigger picture – the House of PMO.

Think of PMO Flashmob like a playroom in a wonderful big house of many rooms.

The House of PMO is the professional body Eileen and I have long wanted to try and make happen.

We think that:

“It’s crucial that PMO professionals continue to shape the future of their own profession and the House of PMO provides an inclusive and organised way to do just that”

Initial Steps of House of PMO

The House of PMO has a mission:

To create a home for PMO professionals where they can develop themselves, support the development of others and contribute to the development of the PMO profession.

Simple but hopefully you agree, a place like that wouldn’t be a bad place to hang out in.

You can find out more about that on the House of PMO website.

The House of PMO has also recently acquired the BCS PPSO set of certifications – this means they’ll be updated, rebranded and certified by APMG. They’ll be launched in April 2021.

A professional body needs standards – so the PMO Competency Framework gets us off on the right foot.

A professional body also needs members, membership will be open from April too. This means there will be changes to the way you can access the resources currently offered by PMO Flashmob.

The House of PMO is committed to annually reinvesting a minimum of 30% of pre tax profits into the development of PMO as a profession and with a new membership structure, it will be the members who decide how this money is spent.

To do this, we need the backing of PMO professionals. To get this, we’re going to be working very hard to entice you into our new home.

We’ll keep you informed of developments.

Find out more about the launch of House of PMO with the official press release.

House of PMO

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