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There was a time when Project Challenge was all about projects and project management. More recently we’re seeing a lot more seminars and exhibitors that count PMO practitioners as their audience. The next Project Challenge takes place on the 6th and 7th October at London’s Olympia in Kensington.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, PMO Flashmob have taken a stand there for the show and we’ll also be presenting on the first day too.

We thought it would be a good idea to talk to more PMO practitioners about what we’re doing with the PMO Flashmob, plus it’ll be great to see people there who have already attended previous PMO Flashmobs.

We’re planning a few little activities throughout the duration of the show so if you’re in town, why not come along and say hello!

The PMO Flashmob Presentation

The presentation takes place on Tuesday 6th October at 3pm, its entitled, “Challenges and trends in a PMO Practitioner’s Career”. Here’s a bit more about it:

PMO (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices) is a common fixture within organisations that are focused on improving programme and project delivery, yet not enough focus is given to the people who work within a PMO.

In this presentation, we take a look at the current day challenges that PMO practitioners face and investigate practical solutions which can make a positive impact on your PMO career. We also take a look at current and future trends, scanning the horizon to see what’s next for PMOs and show how PMO practitioners can start getting prepared.

Other PMO Presentations Available

There are a few presentations with a PMO theme that you can get along to. Here’s the selection:

Project Management Office as a Managed Service: learn from Airbus A350 program!

With the recent successful launch of its new A350, Airbus has demonstrated state-of-the-art PPM capabilities to deliver this highly complex and innovative

Learn how the Project Management Office (PMO) operating as a Managed Service can strengthen the effectiveness & efficiency of the organisation by providing expert PPM services to supplement internal capabilities, delivering increased productivity and value compared to traditional models.

How can the PMO & Change Practitioner of today use new approaches to address the digital transformation dilemma?

According to the 2014 PMI Pulse report, organisational change continues to be a challenge for the vast majority of businesses.  As business leaders embark on Enterprise and systems transformation the pressure for these projects to succeed and for investments to show a positive ROI increases year on year. With 70% of major change implementations yielding sub-optimized results and the average time taken to develop mature business capabilities exceeding 5+ years, how can the transformational PMO & Change Practitioner of today deliver a successful program on a finite budget in an ever more complex information & collaboration landscape?

This presentation offers insights on the challenges faced and how they can be addressed using a lightweight toolset based on SharePoint to help the practitioner make informed and auditable assessments that can steer programs towards successful outcomes both during an active project or even before the project commences.  The ability for the PMO to automatically create an Enterprise view of the status of all change projects and to uniquely configure and measure the impact on Enterprise maturity post project close out will be discussed.

How to make your PMO Tool Implementation successful and deliver real business value

n this session we take a look at how previous PMOs and organisations have successfully designed, implemented and deployed their automation tools and share insights into how your own PMO can get ready for your own high profile change.

Successful PMO tool implementations combine people, processes and tools and in this session, based on real case studies, we share insights from organisations across different industry sectors, highlighting their challenges and how they overcame them to ensure all three factors were in sync.

The session will cover how to manage a PMO tool implementation as a project, starting with a vision, the business case, requirements capture, change management, planning the implementation and deployment

Simplifying the Change Management Processes within a PMO

Do you struggle with managing change requests and action items?  Do your meetings lack a clear objective or structured agenda, resulting in ineffective meeting minutes? With no industry standard methodologies, the change management process within a PMO can be labor and time intensive.

Take a better approach; optimize time and resources by implementing a meeting management solution. This session will discuss the problems and solutions that surround the change management process within a PMO.

Making the PMO the beating heart of the NHS change agenda

The NHS is being asked to change, dramatically, the way it manages the delivery of its services, while at the same time needing to continue providing the existing services to an ever-more demanding set of patients and governing bodies. This means being accountable, visibly, to the stakeholder communities by demonstrating the progress that is being made towards achieving the desired change outcomes. Which in turn means ensuring that good quality, accurate, consistent and up-to-date information is available at all times. Something which is simple to say, but not necessarily simple to achieve.

In this talk Mike Pryor, Principal Consultant at Bestoutcome, will describe a number of NHS clients who have established PMOs to support the delivery of their change programmes, and will explain how this has given them visibility across the entire portfolio of work allowing them to focus on providing top-quality information and services to their Executives and Governing bodies as they strive to achieve the required performance targets, savings and desired outcomes.

To find out more about Project Challenge and to register for free to attend, visit the Project Challenge website.




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