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Over the last few years at PMO Flashmob, we’ve had countless conversations about the lack of competency framework and assessment available to the people who work in PMOs.

The project managers do alright, so do the programme managers (albeit fewer options than PMs)- they have options from their professional bodies – however the PMO is still without a generic competency framework.

What happens today is most PMOs in an organisation that are concerned with PMO career paths and development tend to develop their own thing. Other organisations just don’t have the bandwidth or indeed the knowledge to do their own thing.

It’s a shame.

We can talk about the PMO becoming more mature and be concerned about the value the PMO brings to the business  – and we definitely should be having the conversation about how the PMO builds the capability of the people who work within it and how businesses can retain those people.

PMO Maturity TriangleFollowing the last PMO Mini-Masterclass – the session about the PMO Maturity Triangle – we talked about the maturity of the individuals in the PMO. One of the areas obviously needed is the PMO Competency Framework and Assessment.

As part of that meeting, we proposed that in the spirit of PMO Flashmob we should organise a working group that will enable us to begin work looking at the PMO Competency Framework.

So what next?

We want to pull together a group of PMO practitioners who are interested in getting involved in the Working Group to create a generic PMO Competency Framework which covers a range of PMO roles.

What we need to get started

We’re looking for PMO practitioners who have contributed to or developed a competency framework for either a project PMO, programme PMO or a portfolio PMO.

We’re also looking for PMO practitioners who are interested in helping to develop this generic PMO competency framework. At this stage we don’t know what the commitment level will look like, but we do think that we will need about 6 to 12 months of commitment to it (not full-time though!!)

We have a first meeting scheduled

In order to understand what that commitment will look like; create a terms of reference for the working group and devise an approach – we have set a first meeting for Thursday 20th July in Angel Islington in London, timings 1pm to 5pm.

Many thank to Shane at Valtech for providing the space for us to get together.

So are you interested?

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Working Group, we’re asking that you get in touch through the form below.

If you’re looking at this and thinking I’d love to get involved but the timings don’t work out for you or the location doesn’t work – don’t worry there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved as we go through the ‘project’

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Thank you.

We’ll be in touch shortly!

About Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob and a Director at PMO Learning - the sister company to PMO Flashmob and the best training company for PMO people in the world! She's also the creator of London's first dedicated PMO Conference; Director of Arras People and PMO enthusiast. Loves dogs and gin.

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  1. Lindsay, I am glad to know that PMO Flashmob is taking on this task. I would love to help, but I am in the US. Is there a way to contribute remotely. I’ve stood two PMOs up for small companies, but I feel I would be able to contribute something to the effort. Thanks!

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