PMO Competency Framework Review – Managers and Directors

After three years in the making, the PMO Competency Framework will be launched in early 2021.

Driven by the countless conversations about the lack of a competency framework and assessment available to the people who work in PMOs, PMO Flashmob took action.

Kicking off in 2017 we crowdsourced knowledge and experience from the PMO Flashmob community. Over 68 of you globally got involved in the initial writing activity to start to bring the PMO Competency Framework to life. Over months we worked away, holding a writing weekend away, hosting a PMO Flashmob event to keep getting those insights. We’ve worked with HR specialists in Competency Frameworks; subject matter experts in aspects of P3M delivery; forged links with other communities to help our own knowledge development.

It was a mammoth task and important for us to know that the PMO Competency Framework is not just the work of a small group of people.

It’s been created by the PMO community for the PMO community.

Today we’re looking specifically for PMO Managers and Directors to volunteer to review the parts of the PMO Competency Framework most closely aligned with their roles.

What do we need?

We know that time is precious so if you have an hour, two or more than that – let us know and we’ll give you just enough to review.

We will want you to read, provide comments, raise any questions that you might have about the review material.

We need the review to be completed by 4th January and returned to us.

To take part, you’ll need to read and agree to the NDA, we just want to make sure it’s all under wraps until we’re happy with the finished product!

To take part

The review period is now closed


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