PMO Competency Framework Product Strategy

A quick update on where we are with the Working Group for the PMO Competency Framework. In the last meeting in late September we worked through the product strategy and started planning for the initial design.

Essentially the product strategy covered what it is we are trying to produce – just so everyone has a clear idea about what we’re working towards. The product strategy includes the minimum viable product (MVP) plus we’ve worked through the MoSCoW too. We’ve talked about the method we’re going to use to deliver this (yes, Agile!) and we’ll be working on the project plan to deliver in December.

Before then we are currently working on the research of current competency frameworks – both within project management and other professions. We want to make sure we look at other best practice and understand that before proposing how we are going to move forward with the PMO competency framework.

The next meeting taking place in a few weeks time is all about the design of the competency framework. Before we can start to look at the individual competencies we need to understand what the design of our competency framework should be. What that means is things like – how many competency levels should there be for each competency – or indeed how many competencies should the framework have and still be usable!

So work is progressing and there will be further opportunities for the PMO community to contribute – more on that after the next planning meetings.

In the meantime if you’d like to take part in our competency research we’ve been running for the last 18 months to understand what your top competencies are – you can take part here (it closes at the end of November)

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