PMO Competencies – Created by the Community

Since the last update on our Working Group project to create the PMO Competency Framework back in November we’ve been busy!

We created a Design Authority sub group* where we have also enlisted the help of HR Consultant, Sally Tanski to help us to design the actual framework of the competency model we’re looking to create. We want to make sure the framework is robust, fit-for-purpose and of course is aligned with other competency frameworks across other industries and job types.

As part of that work we have created the levels of competencies – opting for four levels. At the moment we’re in the process of getting those four finally agreed and signed off.

We’ve also been busy pulling together the actual project – working out what needs to happen, when and by whom. That’s the extended core team activities which will include populating the competency framework (lots of writing, re-writing, scrapping stuff, starting again!)

Before that we need to create the list of competencies which will be included in the competency framework – that’s where you come in.

PMO Competencies – What Do YOU Think?

This project has always been about getting the views and inputs from the wider community. We’re now in a position to get more of you involved and the first piece of community crowdsourcing comes in the form of what competencies will we include in the Competency Framework?

We’ve created a community forum which will enable us to work more collaboratively and share views and insights.

It’s very simple.

There are two areas – what technical competencies should we include – and which behavioural competencies should we include?

There’s also space to leave other thoughts and views about the project.

It’s really simple to use – just visit the forum – add a new topic or add a comment to an existing one.

PMO Forum

Help us to create a real PMO community based approach and add your thoughts – be part of the community who gets access to the finished product, happy that you’ve played a part in helping to create it!

Don’t be shy, there are no right or wrong answers – just sparks for ideas and more conversation and collaboration.

Many thanks to the core Design Authority team – Angelina Rizza, Rod Baker, Eileen Roden and Chris Walters, with specialist support from Sally Tanski

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