PMO Books and Birthday Cake

PMO Flashmob is all about meeting up with others who work in PMO and chatting about PMO stuff. We all know that people have different places to go for new knowledge – and if you’re working in PMO, you’ll know its a continual learning process!

We thought for the fifth birthday in the pub we would try out the PMO Book Club. The idea is simple – just share with the audience a book, or any resource you’ve come across which you’ve learnt a lot from.

The idea is simple – but it takes guts to get up there in front of an audience and talk about it for a few minutes.

If you couldn’t make it, you missed a treat. There was lots of book purchasing going on after each slot 🙂 and high praise for the night:

Thanks for an amazing night, one of the best I have been to in 3 years!

That’s what happens when you push out of your comfort zone and do something new. They did a brilliant job.

So what did they share? Here’s what they chose – we can’t do it justice of course but you can take a look and perhaps think about following up on some of them if they tickle your fancy.

PMO Book Club Goes Live!

If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen one of the bookclubbers getting up there and sharing. Here’s John letting us know about one of his favorite books.


I thought it was an excellent night – one that really sums up what PMO Flashmob is all about. I think we’ll be doing it again at some point too.

PMO Flashmob Turns 5

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