Marketing the PMO – January 2017

Access the video presentation from The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Marketing the PMO which took place in January 2017.

This video is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and takes a look at how the PMO can learn from approaches more closely associated with the marketing domain.

The session was carried out at Valtech in Central London by Fran Bodley-Scott.

Access costs just £10, the same price as our social meetups.

About the PMO Mini-Masterclass – Marketing the PMO

The PMO Mini-Masterclass took place in Islington, at Valtech. Valtech are a new breed of digital agency uniquely designed to help business leaders succeed in this new digital economy.

We were inspired to take a look at this subject because we keep hearing lots of conversations like:

“The PMO is not seen to be adding value to the organisation” or:

“Senior management don’t really know what we do or are capable of doing” or:

“We need to do better at selling the PMO to people”

So we thought, “I wonder where we could pick up some really great insights and thinking that would help us address these common problems?”

marketing-in-controlLuckily for us we have Fran Bodley-Scott to call on. Fran is a marketing & business communications specialist with many years experience in areas such as product development, internal and external marketing, organisational change and stakeholder engagement. She’s also worked in project and programme management – and she’s a keen PMO Flashmobber! Just what we need to tackle the subject.

Fran has put together a great programme which looks at some of the areas of marketing that we can adopt when dealing with our PMO challenges.




The Mini-Masterclass includes access to the video of the presentation, the presentation slides and other outputs from the interactive sessions.

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