PMO Manifesto Launch Night – Thursday 20th February 2014

PMO Manifesto aims to unite PMO professionals across the globe with advanced guiding principles for successful PMOs

PMO Practitioners across the City of London came together in February to celebrate the launch of the new PMO Manifesto, created to connect and unite PMO professionals; show solidarity and support to their peers whilst driving forward their profession and delivering the highest value to their organizations.

Hosted and supported by Ticketmaster, the leading on-line ticket purchase organisation, the launch event is the result of months of work by PMO professionals gathering at the monthly social networking event – PMO Flashmob.

PMO (Project, Programme and Portfolio Office) has increasingly become a career of choice within project management. Whilst there is a lack of recognition within the wider project management community of the true value of a PMO and the people who work within them – the community continues to raise awareness and champion the benefits of a successful PMO in organizations today.

The idea for the PMO Manifesto came initially from the Agile Manifesto. The simplicity of stating value and principles which all PMO professionals can relate to and work towards; the Manifesto strives to address the main elements of PMOs that lead to success within an organisation.

Speaking at the launch event, Gerry McDonnell Senior Vice-President of Technology and sponsor of Ticketmaster’s own PMO, “I am absolutely delighted to be hosting the PMO Flashmob and PMO Manifesto launch, I think it’s a great initiative because I can see and have lived through the value that PMOs have to offer organisations”. Gerry then went on to talk about the two year journey of the independent, executive PMO function within Ticketmaster. He spoke about key areas such as project management development; dashboards; risk management; dependency management and resourcing models.

Gerry McDonnell will also be talking about the Ticketmaster PMO journey at the forthcoming Project Challenge show in London in March 2014.

Co-creators of PMO Flashmob and PMO Manifesto, Ralf Finchett Junior and Lindsay Scott gave an overview of the PMO Manifesto – outlining how it all began with the PMO Flashmob; the key values and principles. Lindsay Scott went on to say, “The PMO Manifesto is all about a set of principles that are meant to inspire PMO professionals around the globe. They are ‘guiding’ principles that most professionals would recognise are needed in a PMO if it is really going to be a successful entity within an organisation.” She went on to say, “The great thing about it is that it crosses international boundaries; professional body standards and best practice, and most importantly enables PMO professionals to show public support for their profession.”

Ralf Finchett Junior also said, “It’s fantastic to see the backing we’ve got for the PMO Manifesto and of course for the PMO Flashmob. We originally put together this informal networking group because we knew the thing that PMO people like the most is meeting other PMO people and talking about their respective careers.” He went on to say, “To have support from organisations like Ticketmaster is the icing on the cake!”

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For further details about the PMO Manifesto and the launch event (additional photos) visit


Ticketmaster’s sponsorship of the Launch event was greatly appreciated, and its with special thanks to John, PMO Director at Ticketmaster (and PMO Flashmobber) for making this happen. Ticketmaster’s office in Angel, north London has a brilliant bar area complete with a pool table, pinball machines, and a cool slide. We had a great night!





The objective of the PMO Manifesto is simple – we want to raise the profile of PMOs – not just in the UK but globally. We want to show the wider project management community that PMO is a career in its own right and just how many people do work within them. The PMO Manifesto is also about this:


Imagine a time when PMO professionals around the world could connect and unite; show solidarity and support to their peers whilst driving forward their profession and delivering the highest value to their organizations.

What could the profession do differently; how could we start this journey; what would capture the imagainations of PMO professionals across the globe?

It starts with the PMO Manifesto…




About Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob and a Director at PMO Learning - the sister company to PMO Flashmob and the best training company for PMO people in the world! She's also the creator of London's first dedicated PMO Conference; Director of Arras People and PMO enthusiast. Loves dogs and gin.

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  1. Another successful PMO flashmob venue and meeting, this time at The Loose Cannon underneath London Bridge. Lindsay Scott is an expert at getting people to talk to each other, this time by handing out questions to be discussed in pairs and then swapped and move on. I some how managed to discuss amongst other things what the top item needed for a desert island PMO, West Bromwich Albion football team, is it essential for a PMO person to have had previous delivery experience. There’s a wealth of PMO experience here but its got such a great atmosphere that if you are a PM (formal or informal), or are just starting out on a PMO journey or wondering what PMO is all about you will also have a good time.

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