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At last month’s PMO Flashmob held at QA there were a couple of handouts that caught my attention and I thought they would be worth sharing. They were both QA materials and before you say I’ve gone all salesy on you, read on and find out why I thought they were worth sharing.

The PMO Role in Training

Many PMOs are responsible for sourcing, co-ordinating and managing training for their delivery organisation. Many PMOs also deliver training too.

I liked this simple overview of the most popular accreditations in the UK today especially because of the breakdown of roles in the delivery organisation.

I’ll confess, I didn’t know there was a project sponsorship accreditation so that’s handy to know. Hopefully you’ll find it handy to know what the current landscape for accreditation is too. It’s worth printing the one pager?

If you do want to read more about the accreditations, you can have a look at the whole brochure


Your Development

We started looking at PMO Competencies at a previous PMO Flashmob (I’ve not forgotten about the working group, expect to see something on this in April). Naturally the picture below caught my attention because this is the first time I’ve seen something that lines up the PMO alongside Programme and Project Management.

It’s a competency framework. A service that QA offer.

It’s worth highlighting because in my many conversations with the PMO Flashmob over the months, it seems like this is a topic that many of you are interested in and its not going away. Perhaps your organisations are already on the case, if not, this might be worth exploring. I’m totally intrigued by it though and it’s going to spur me on to get our working group off the ground too.

If you do want to have a look at it in more detail you can take a look here.

So hopefully you’ll agree that wasn’t too in your face and salesy, it’s just about sharing something that I think is useful.


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