Green, Amber, Red er Pink?

Last night’s PMO flashmob was a stonker! We had PMO conversations that really showed just how diverse PMO really is. Get PMO flashmobbers into a room and ask the simple question, “What kind of PMO do you work in?”, and you’re guaranteed to get a different answer from everyone.  Here’s just a flavour of the PMO flashmob from past night with some of the discussions that were happening:

Technology and the PMO

The PMO is in a great position to be the driving force behind 21st century reporting in a project organisation. The advances in social media shows that real-time reporting on projects surely can’t be that far away. Some of our flashmobbers had other issues to content with – especially working in sensitive sectors where the mere thought of real-time reporting – and access to company data – are enough to put the blockers on these types of initiatives. We chatted about how bring your own device (BYOD) might impact on the role of a PMO and of course how could we make our reporting – if not real-time at least something which matches our technology use outside of work. We’re already getting to the point where our technology use outside of the office is way in advance of what we experience at work. It’s an interesting thought and one PMOs will continue to ponder.

“Another cracking @pmoflashmob event last night and met some great new people. Owning, running, working in a #PMO you should come along”


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