Future PMO Today – Our Journey to Understanding AI

Join us as we take a journey through the future PMO today – touching on data; AI; RPA, machine learning; analytics – with Martin Paver, the creator of Project:Hack in conversation with Lindsay Scott.

We’re having a chat about the kind of things the PMO practitioners got involved in at Project:Hack as we start to understand “the art of the possible”.

We want to talk about how the PMO is evolving and changing with the use of new technologies; new skillsets and new roles.

Both Martin and Lindsay will be sharing what’s been happening in this space over the last 18 months, so it’s your chance to get up to speed and make sense of it all!

The Recorded Session

Excuse my rubbishness at forgetting to press record at the beginning! Have a listen to the conversation as we start our journey to understanding the art of the possible:


Here’s some of the insights we shared.

This is partly why PMO Flashmob has been supporting and sponsoring the work Martin Paver and the team do with the [Project Data Analytics meetup]. We would be crazy to think that new technologies are not going to change the role of the PMO in the future – the question is, how will it change and what do we want to do about that?

The Future of PMO

Some organisations are already on the AI bus, some are still at the bus stop and some haven’t even left the house yet to even think about catching it.

We can turn left or right – now or in the near future:

Which way will you go?

We talked about getting started with all this stuff – sometimes it feels like there’s no much, with lingo we don’t get with lots of smart people doing things that goes over our heads.

So where do we start:


We had a question from a PMO Flashmobber about what kind of skillsets will be required. We also talked about whether the new skillsets are needed with the existing people in the PMO or if its a case of hiring in people with data-related skills.

It feels like we’re very much at the beginning of step 1 – understanding the art of the possible – and one of the ways I’ve done that is by getting involved in the Project:Hack events.

[More details here about that]


PMO Skills

One of the things we could be looking into is the apprenticeship route. I’ve heard about a few PMOs who have been using apprentices in their PMO and this is an ideal opportunity to pursue.

Now I always thought that apprenticeships were for school leavers, but that’s not the case at all – see below:

Our apprenticeship is for those in full-time work, who will need to upskill in data methodologies in keeping with the emergence of project data analytics. it is highly appealing to beginners in data analytics who want to advance their skills within a tailored project environment.

Despite the term ‘apprentice’ this course is the equivalent to a foundation degree and is eligible for new and existing employees of any age. You may even have higher qualifications in subjects with limited data applications. The key is that you will be learning a new skill that is heavily sought after in this digital age.

That means there can be someone who is already working in the PMO who is interested in developing these skills – the apprenticeship route could be the way to go.

[Find out more about it]


I’ve used this slide often to highlight where AI technologies can assist the PMO; it’s a good one to use when anyone asks what is possible.

I asked Martin what might be missing from this now because the slide is probably 12 months old, and with AI technologies moving at pace there was probably something not on there.

The answer: Robotic Process Automation.

We also talked about a recent PMO Flashmob about this and it’s [recommended that you take a look]

It was also mentioned that UiPath has been one of the main technologies for RPA and included is a [UiPath Academy] which includes free training. You can get started with UiPath for free with the community edition.


What would you like to see PMO Flashmob cover next as we continue our journey to discovering the art of the possible? Leave a comment and let us know!

If you’re interested in being the Guinea Pig, get in touch!


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