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After three years, the PMO Competency Framework has been launched by PMO Flashmob and the House of PMO.

The PMO Competency Framework really is a PMO community project – created by PMO practitioners for PMO practitioners.

For many years, PMO practitioners have been the poorer relatives to others in the PPM community who have had for many years now, a competency framework and assessment which enables them to understand their strengths and discover their skills gaps.

PMO Competency FrameworkThe PMO Competency Framework is a career tool that not only allows you to assess yourself against existing PMO role profiles, it is also a great tool for understanding what’s possible in a PMO career and which areas to concentrate on to increase your competency.

For years now we heard that creating a PMO Competency Framework wasn’t possible – if all PMOs are different, how on earth could something be created? Well, it is possible and it’s available for anyone who works in a PMO regardless of the type of role you perform and the level you do that at.

Find out more about the PMO Competency Framework with the recording of the launch session:


The slide deck from the session is also available to view:

PMO Competency Framework Launch

If you’re interested in further details, read on for the Frequently Asked Questions which came from the main session, and asked by fellow PMO Flashmobbers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we answered during the session:

How does the PMO Competency align with PMI, P3O, APM or any other competency framework?

The new PMO Competency Framework aligns well with all the different professional bodies in project management because ultimately it is about the role a PMO professional performs. The Framework covers the different contexts of project, programme, portfolio and centre of excellence.

It is not a guide on how to carry out certain tasks – you will still look to bodies like PMI and their Body of Knowledge for guidance on how to do these tasks.

The PMO Competency Framework also refers to other competency frameworks. For example, if you’re looking to assess your leadership and management skills, it makes sense that you would use a specific leadership and management competency framework. The same goes for project management skills, business analysis skills or change management for example.

How can we link PMO Competency with Agile, Waterfall and Scrum?

With areas like project lifecycles, different methodologies and approaches to delivery, these are featured in the ‘knowledge’ part of the competency framework.

To perform competently in a role, it takes a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours – these underpin the role focused competences that make up the competency framework.

In each role profile, you’ll see the key knowledge required – this is where you’ll see things like Agile, waterfall and SCRUM.

Is there a self-assessment tool planned?

Yes, we’re working on the next phase of the project right now, to make the PMO Competency Framework accessible online.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this phase, get in touch and let us know.

Where would PMO Officer or PMO Lead roles sit?

The PMO Competency Framework was created with the four main PMO role profiles which we thought covered the vast majority of roles out there today. These are PMO Administrator, PMO Analyst, PMO Manager and PMO Director.

The intention is that we will add to these role profiles and these will become available via the House of PMO. Roles such as PMO Officer and PMO Lead will certainly be added.

In the meantime, the PMO Officer role is somewhere in between PMO Administrator and PMO Analyst so you would access yourself against both of these role profiles. For the PMO Lead, which sits somewhere between PMO Analyst and PMO Manager, you would access yourself against both of these role profiles.

If you’re interested in getting involved in creating new role profiles, get in touch and let us know.

How do the certifications fit with ones like P3O?

In conjunction with the PMO Competency Framework, the House of PMO is also creating new certifications. These will be called House of PMO Essentials and there are four to be released during 2021 which fit with the role profiles. Find out more here.

These certifications and the courses which are being created are based on the role profiles. For example, in the PMO Analyst role profile, a key responsibility is:

Co-ordinate the production of reports to support governance, by collating, analysing, evaluating, and manipulating data, records, and other information. Maintain libraries, registers, and systems.

The course focuses on what you need to know in order to carry out this responsibility. It focuses more on the practicalities of doing the role whereas P3O focuses on what needs to be in place across an organisation and within a PMO.

These certifications focus more on your individual role.

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