Emotional and Personal Intelligence for PMO Professionals

We had a special event on Thursday 1st October to mark the Major Projects Association conference fringe which focused on events featuring emotional intelligence.

We were delighted to have Geoff Crane join us to lead the session and it’s through Geoff’s work at The Trent University Emotion and Health Research Laboratory (EHRL) in Peterborough, Ontario that we were able to bring a brilliant PMO focused session to you.

Emotional and Personal Intelligence

You’re likely familiar with Emotional Intelligence (EI), a constellation of abilities that allows us to make good decisions when confronted with emotional information. Recent studies into non-cognitive space, however, suggest that EI is not really sufficient to predict the tremendous variation in responses we observe when people have to make these decisions.

Through laboratory work, we’ve come to learn that motivational competencies are just as important to these outcomes as emotional ones. They’re very different from one another, however, and so need to be measured independently. We’ve also come to recognize that the skills needed to experience emotions in ourselves is fundamentally and subjectively different from the ability to interpret these same emotions in other people.

It’s because of these observations that the measurement of non-cognitive competencies has been redesigned.

We call our construct “Personal Intelligence”: an individualized collection of emotional, social and motivational competencies that all work together to help us find success.

After close to a decade of work, we are now unveiling an instrument to measure this construct: The Multidimensional Inventory for Personal Intelligence (MIPI). With it, we’re able to predict important outcomes that we could never before predict with EI measures alone.

We’re also delighted to offer PMO Flashmob participants complimentary online assessments and a 12-page feedback report that explains your scores in detail.

Claim Your Own Online Assessment and Feedback Report

And take a look at the evening session we ran and the collective insights of Emotional and Personal Intelligence in PMO professionals.

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