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In this article, Nicole Reilly, who, to be fair is our go-to gal for anything to do with data, dashboards and tool stuff, picks up on the current trend on data analytics. If you’re one of those PMO practitioners who are trying to get your head around all of this at the moment, this is the article to get you started. Here’s Nicole:

Trends published for 2019 confirm that better data analytics and reporting is a hot topic; PMO Flashmob posted their trends and in this article from Daniel Newman on Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2019 it’s number five on the list.

I’ve posted before about my belief that PMOs haven’t quite got to grips with maximising the value of data and providing business insight. So over the Christmas break I’ve spent some time thinking about some top tips I can offer, given my background in business analysis and continued interest in the topic.

Back in late 2017 the Project Data Analytics community launched with the intention of exploring and sharing how to leverage big data, machine learning and AI within a project, programme and portfolio environment – with one of the key questions being how can we move from lagging to leading indicators that ultimately improve project delivery outcomes?

Throughout 2018 audiences at the monthly events in London have regularly been in excess of 100 attendees, clearly demonstrating the level of interest around the topic from both data scientists and project professionals.

Why do so many people show up to the monthly community meet-ups, when there are a wealth of books or free resources available on the web?  I believe the answer is fairly simple – we want to connect, and to hear the stories; we want to know who, what, how, where and when the challenges faced were overcome; and we want to meet others who are on the same journey and are willing to share their experiences with us.

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