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“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”, a quote from someone called Erma Bombeck, a writer from the States. That’s exactly what the PMO Dreamboat was all about last month.

The idea was we would get about 30 PMO professionals together on a boat on the Thames one evening in July. This boat also sold beer and chips which I think are essential ingredients for any PMO person to set about dreaming.

But not just any old dreams. Here was the idea:

So we thought, the PMO Flashmob is a PMO community, so why not have a chat about our dream jobs with each other and find out what we might need to get there or be inspired by someone else’s dream to think differently about our own? I think we could come away with a lot of great ideas about our careers in PMO which is of course the aim behind PMO Flashmob.

We can’t recreate the conversations here in the post that were had that night but what we can do is share some of the dream clouds that were created that night. Here’s the first to get us started;

2015-07-23 18.53.20

This cloud on the left was someone’s dream job, “PMO trusted expert that seeks to pass on knowledge”. There was a conversation for a while about how in all honesty, most good PMO people would want this for their career, otherwise we’re just mediocre. That sparked the conversation over on the dream cloud on the right, what on earth would you call this person, something that distinguishes them from the rest of the average crowd.

This is where you can see the effects of beer and the pitching and rolling of the boat coming into effect. Ninja, really?

Here’s another two that also show dreams about their progression in PMO:

2015-08-06 12.53.02

Some of the conversations also covered other roles in project management too. Moving into a Change Manager role was one such dream, as was moving into a Project Manager role.

The conversations I particularly enjoyed were the ones which left PMO behind:

2015-08-06 12.53.56I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking… becoming a crime investigator can’t be a million miles away from some PMO’s approach to forensic reporting! But seriously, do we ever think about the individual skills we develop through working within a PMO? There must be loads of different occupations that having a good grounding in PMO is considered a really positive thing. I think that once you’ve worked in an environment where good processes and methods work well, you’ll always have that with you whatever you choose to do with your life and career and it really makes a different to work, any work.

Some dreams were actually realised:

2015-08-06 12.54.42I’m intrigued. If you’re doing your dream job today, does that mean that your dreams start to get more focused in terms of how you could be doing your dream job better? I’ve always been of the mind that you never know what opportunities are around the corner. What might be the dream job today could be superceded with an even more exciting and challenging job you don’t yet even know exists. Is there really an Holy Grail?

We’re reminded about why we choose to try out PMO Dreamboat:

“the most important part of making a dream happen is communicating it to the universe, and your community” from Dream Cloud

In other words, it’s having communities like PMO Flashmob that enable us to have these conversations with other people who just get it.

It’s even better to do it on a boat that sways a bit. Not really.

See you next time.


2015-07-23 22.31.042015-07-23 17.32.372015-07-24 07.49.30

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