DevOps and the PMO – Supporting Continuous Delivery

Consider this image we shared in a session a couple of years ago now.

You might have heard the term ‘bimodal’ – adopted to demonstrate that the PMO supports both traditional waterfall projects and Agile-led projects. But that’s not the case, the term if anything should be ‘trimodal’ because the PMO is increasingly supporting DevOps too.

The PMO is there to support any type of change delivery and over the last five years or more the focus has been on understanding change being delivered using Agile philosophies.

In this article, we turn to understand the third one on the list – Continuous Delivery – or DevOps as it’s known.

DevOps is a combination of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) and is focused on continuous delivery. An example would be an ever-evolving financial or business app – there is no end date as such. Another way of looking at it is not so much project management as product management.

DevOps is not an area that PMO Flashmob has explored in any great detail but we have so many questions.

  • What are the differences between project and product management?
  • What challenges are there with DevOps work and teams?
  • What are some of the main areas the PMO needs to be thinking about if we are to support DevOps teams and work?
  • What stays the same and what changes in the PMO?

Consider this from our guest speaker for the evening session:

In many organizations, the project deliveries are monitored by a function called a project management office (PMO). Does a PMO still exist in a product-oriented enterprise? The answer is yes, but to operate, the PMO will need radical reengineering.

We share the video session and insights from the evening – and what becomes clear is that there are no prescribed ways for the PMO to provide support… yet!



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