Cyril – The PMOBot

This is the session to take a look at if you’re a bit of a technophobe.

You’ve probably heard about Artificial Intelligence and dismissed it as science-fiction that has no place in the workplace. To be honest, I was like that too, yet there’s definitely something in it and it probably will be changing the way we work in the future – and probably not as far away as we think.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA, is one of the those AI technologies that definitely has benefits for the PMO.

Who wouldn’t like to see some of the more repetitive, boring parts of the job get automated and completed in minutes?

There are lots of conversations at the moment about something like RPA putting people out of a job which, let’s be honest, if the whole PMO job was a process we should quite rightly be put out of a job but it isn’t and I can’t see that happening as long as there are people in projects.

What it will do is give us time. More time to do the things we should be doing that really makes a difference to the business. Again, this might be a challenge for some PMOs which are very much a transactional model, however, this is the opportunity to change that and make bold steps forward.

In this session, we introduce Cyril.

Cyril is our BOT, he’s the one that has started automating some of our repetitive processes here at PMO Flashmob and PMO Learning.

The session is for novices and technophobes. People that are passionate about PMO and pretty clueless about RPA.

This is the place to start understanding, in baby-steps, with our BOT in his toddler-phase. This is the start of PMOBot.

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