Competency Framework

PMO Flashmob kicked off a new initiative in 2017

The PMO Competency Framework

Over the last few years at PMO Flashmob, we’ve had countless conversations about the lack of competency framework and assessment available to the people who work in PMOs.

What happens today is most PMOs in an organisation that are concerned with PMO career paths and development tend to develop their own thing. Other organisations just don’t have the bandwidth or indeed the knowledge to do their own thing.

It’s a shame.

We can talk about the PMO becoming more mature and be concerned about the value the PMO brings to the business  – and we definitely should be having the conversation about how the PMO builds the capability of the people who work within it and how businesses can retain those people.

We propose that in the spirit of PMO Flashmob we should organise a working group that will enable us to begin work looking at the PMO Competency Framework.

So what next?

We have started to pull together a group of PMO practitioners who are interested in getting involved in the Working Group to create a generic PMO Competency Framework which covers a range of PMO roles.

The posts here are a record of the work we’re under taking and you’re encouraged to get involved too.

Recent work appears first



The PMO Competency Framework Needs Your Eyes

Time for an update with the PMO Competency Framework project we’ve been running since July last year and the team of contributors and reviewers are still going great guns. It’s what we wanted from the beginning, a real PMO community effort to bring the first open-source PMO Competency Framework to anyone working in a PMO role today. We’ve been working ...

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PMO Competency Team Exercise

The PMO Competency Framework project is still ongoing. We’ve started the part where we write the competencies. We’ll be doing this throughout March and into April. It’s exciting seeing the competency framework starting to come to life and the people getting involved are doing a great job. Last month we had a social evening in a pub near Whitehall, London ...

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PMO Roles, Skills and Competencies – Social in London – 22nd Feb

We’re back in a pub! It’s been a while since we’ve had a social networking evening for PMO Flashmob and this one on the evening Thursday 22nd February is open to anyone working within PMO who might be especially interested in roles, skills and competencies (I think that should be pretty much all of you!) Like any of our events ...

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PMO Competencies – Created by the Community

Since the last update on our Working Group project to create the PMO Competency Framework back in November we’ve been busy! We created a Design Authority sub group* where we have also enlisted the help of HR Consultant, Sally Tanski to help us to design the actual framework of the competency model we’re looking to create. We want to make ...

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PMO Competency Framework Product Strategy

A quick update on where we are with the Working Group for the PMO Competency Framework. In the last meeting in late September we worked through the product strategy and started planning for the initial design. Essentially the product strategy covered what it is we are trying to produce – just so everyone has a clear idea about what we’re ...

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Use Cases for the PMO Competency Framework

The PMO Competency Framework Working Group held its first session last week in London. There were 20 PMO practitioners in the room – all bringing different – great! – experiences to the table. The first session was all about understanding what each person wanted to achieve from being a part of the working group and working through the Terms of ...

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