3rd April – Bridging the Chasm Between Execs and PMOs – Kivue & PMO Flashmob Webinar

We’re back with a sponsored webinar which we think you’ll get a lot of value from. Here’s what it’s all about:

How engaged is your senior executive team in the project reports you provide them? Discover how to get your execs on board by providing the information they demand in their preferred formats in Kivue’s latest webinar ‘Exec Level Portfolio Reporting: 5 ways to bridge the chasm between Execs and PMO’s.

The PMO community is increasingly struggling to engage senior execs due to a widening communication chasm.

We’ve teamed up with PMO Flashmob to explore the key pain-points affecting both execs and PMOs in a webinar – Exec Level Portfolio Reporting: 5 ways to bridge the chasm between Execs and PMOs – at 1pm on Wednesday 3rd April.

The webinar, based on Kivue’s recent research with both senior execs and the PMO community, will help PMOs to understand:

  • The formats that execs prefer to receive reports in
  • The level of information execs want to be provided with
  • Why the PMO community’s reporting habits are frustrating execs
  • How to enhance your execs’ level of engagement in your projects

The webinar, presented by Co-Founder Rupert Taylor will explore the results of research that Kivue carried out into execs’ reporting expectations and PMOs’ ability to meet them.

Find out more and discover Kivue’s top 5 solutions for enhancing exec engagement by signing up for the webinar – it takes place on Wednesday 3rd April at 1pm.

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  1. Sorry I missed this – will you be sharing the recording?

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