AI, RPA, Machine Learning and Analytics – Are They a Threat to the PMO? \ PMO Manager’s Lunch

The PMO Manager’s Lunch takes place annually – and brings together 10 PMO Managers, talking over lunch about a particular PMO topic.

This event leads to the production of an Inside PMO Report, which brings the insights from the lunch to a wider audience.

This event is free to attend; some PMO Managers are invited to attend, others are allocated based on their experiences to date in the subject matter for lunch.

The Next PMO Manager’s Lunch

The next PMO Manager’s Lunch will take place on Friday 22nd November in London

Applications for the next lunch are now open, for more information [take a look at the theme and apply]

We are looking for PMO Managers who already have experience in utilising AI, RPA, Machine Learning or Predictive Analytics into their PMO and for the delivery organisation.

Ultimately we’re looking to answer the question – is it a threat or an opportunity?

Take a Look and Apply

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