Agile PMO in Practice – February 2016

AgilePMOAccess the video presentation from The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Agile PMO in Practice which took place in February 2016.

This video is 1 hour 14 minutes long and is an excellent inside into how a PMO really supports Agile projects in an organisation.

The session was carried out at Ticketmaster International’s John McIntyre, Head of PMO.
Access costs just £10, the same price as our social meetups.

2016-02-25 23.16.07About the PMO Mini-Masterclass – Agile PMO in Practice

Thethird PMO Mini-Masterclass took place in February 2016 at Ticketmaster International in London.

The aim of the session was:

  • Understanding the main principles of Agile projects – what constitutes an Agile project, which core processes and techniques are in play
  • The role of the PMO in supporting Agile projects – what changes were needed within the PMO, what skillsets and knowledge people within the PMO needed; how the PMO provides governance of these projects and what will be needed in the future.




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