About PMO Flashmob

PMO Flashmob SpacePMO Flashmob is a networking and community group for the PMO profession, open to anyone interested in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices.

Set up in 2013, PMO Flashmob hosts events which bring together PMO practitioners in different locations across the UK. See the upcoming events we’re running.

We run two different types of events:

Social Meetups

Held in bars or pubs, we have a part set aside for PMO practitioners to meet each other, network and chat. For each evening session we always have a few things up our sleeves to get people talking about their work within PMO.

PMO FlashmobEach month is different – we focus on the things that matter the most to the people attending. The only thing that is the same is a mob of PMO professionals that want to talk to others that are on their wavelength.

Think of it as your own little personal coaching circle – the mob are just like you, they want to chat and share experiences that can perhaps help them be better in their work in the future.

There’s no attendance criteria but be prepare to share your own words of wisdom that can help the collective mob of PMO Flashmobbers.

PMO Mini-Masterclasses

PMO Mini-Masterclasses are our evenings of more structured yet informal learning sessions. Take a look at some of the previous events.

PMO Flashmob EventsLectures, workshops, seminars – you name it, we do it on our Mini-Masterclass nights. We also record the vast majority of these so you don’t miss out of you can’t make them in person.

These sessions focus on a particular PMO topic area; often feature a guest speaker and include interactive sessions for participants to get involved and learn something new – all in two hours in an evening.

PMO Knowledge Sharer

PMO Flashmob is also about curating and sharing great PMO knowledge and content from the wider PMO community. We do a variety of things including publishing research and whitepapers. These are achieved through:


Who runs PMO Flashmob?

PMO Flashmob is run by Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden supported by a great network of willing and enthusiastic volunteers.

About Lindsay

“I haven’t worked in a PMO for years but for some reason I just can’t stop being interested in them – and in the people that work within them. I’ve been involved in PMO community groups for years and I really like getting people together, hearing them share their pains – and their successes!

I guess at the end of the day I just think it’s a shame that all this great stuff that gets shared at events like this doesn’t get shared widely enough and I just love making that happen with PMO Flashmob”

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About Eileen

“I fell into a PMO over 25 years ago and have never looked back.  I still think it’s the most exciting place to work – at the centre of PPM in an organisation, helping that organisation deliver its strategy.

I have had the good fortune to contribute to industry best practice and worked with a diverse range of organisations.  Now with the PMO Flashmob, I get to meet and work with many aspiring, experienced and inspirational PMOers”

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Eileen and Lindsay at the PMO Symposium in San Diego, 2016




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