5th Birthday \ The PMO Book Club – London – 24th May

How time flies! PMO Flashmob celebrates its fifth birthday in May and you’re all invited to the party.

We’re in the excellent The Yorkshire Grey pub in Grays Inn/Farringdon:

2 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8PN

It takes place on Thursday 24th May – nearest station is Chancery Lane. We’re there from 6pm. Food from 7pm.

We’ll be celebrating with a little present for you plus we’re having a night of learning from each other with The PMO Book Club.

The PMO Book Club

Here’s how it works.

We all read stuff at some point that makes us think differently about the work we do in PMO.

That can be a book you’ve read – and not one that is necessarily anything to do with PMO or project management – where an idea, or diagram, picture, model, whatever has really stuck with you.

You might have picked up something from a website or a whitepaper – anything that made you stop and think; maybe it made you do something differently in your work; or even how you behave. Maybe you even got a breakthrough on a certain problem or challenge?

We’re looking for your little nugget!

Throughout the evening, people will be standing up and sharing their nugget with everyone else.

Yes, there’s a tiny bit of “public speaking” involved. I say public, but actually these are your PMO pals. It’s a safe, friendly environment to get up there and talk to everyone about something you know about. You’ll only be talking up to 5 minutes (a bit less or a bit more, up to you)

We also have a projector and screen so we’re looking for a one pager to stick up there so people can see what you’re talking about and where they can go if they also want to read more about it.

And that’s it.

Er, OK I’m Liking the Sound of This

Great! It’s a tenner for the evening event, you just need to make a booking here and we’ll be in touch to see if you’re willing to get involved and stand up and share!

Book Your Place Today


Gutted, I Can’t Make It – Can I Share Mine Anyway?

Yes please! We’ve already had a few and we’d love to add yours to the screen on the night. Let us know your nugget and we’ll share all of them with you after the event!



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Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob and a Director at PMO Learning - the sister company to PMO Flashmob and the best training company for PMO people in the world! She's also the creator of London's first dedicated PMO Conference; Director of Arras People and PMO enthusiast. Loves dogs and gin.

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