Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Role of the PMO with Sponsors

If you’re working in a PMO today you’ll definitely have them. Sponsors. Sponsors of projects and programmes and sponsors of the PMO itself. These are the people who the buck stops with – the people who want and need the benefits that come from doing the project in the first place. Or in the case of PMO sponsorship, the benefits ...

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Have a Word with the Boss

Had a conversation the other day with someone who wanted to come along to the PMO Hackathon event we’re holding in October. They wanted to come along but it starts at 2pm – which of course means leaving work early and they didn’t think their boss would be OK with that. I get it. They pay the wages they want ...

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PMO of the Year – Icing on the Cake?

Are you proud about what your PMO has achieved? That’s the first step in taking part in something like APM’s PMO of the Year Award – you need to proud of your achievements and be ready to share the story with the wider industry and community. Justin Byrd – Head of EPO at Fujitsu I caught up with Justin Byrd ...

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